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I'm not sure how you've found your way to my website, but hey, kick your shoes off and stay a while!





My name is Lauren, Lauren Faith. I'm a small town girl in love with her big family roots and the love of Jesus. I love to journal and take pictures, so what you'll find on my website is just that; an open letter about my life.




My mission is to live transparently, which is how this all started; a little blog called "Living Out Transparent Faith".

Which funny enough, is now the name of my first book, which I will link HERE.

My hope is that while you find your way around this virtual diary of mine, that Jesus will tug on your heartstrings like never before. With that, I'll let you explore.




Along with my blog, I also have decided to take on my passion as a photographer; specializing in lifestyle photography in and around South Carolina. On my portfolio page, is a collection of some of my work. Click the button below to chat with me and I would LOVE to meet for coffee and capture some precious moments for you!