By His Design

This is definitely a spontaneous post. 


But y'all... 


The Lord basically stepped into this man's body and spoke to my mom and I. 


Last night, me and my mom decided to take a day trip to Charleston (today). Completely spontaneous, we just wanted to get away. We originally had planned to get up and leave at 8am. That didn't happen, due to slowness, sleepiness and forgetting wallets. :) The devil was doing everything he could to prevent us from crossing paths with who we did today. So, with a late start and horrible traffic, we arrived in Charleston around lunchtime. It took us 45 minutes to find a convenient parking place near The City Market. My mom and I were tired already. 

Once we got into the market, our favorite is the Sweet Grass art. I mean the work is so intricate and woven with so much personality. Although it is incredibly expensive. We had been walking for hours and we finally came to the last building and we got to this table with Sweet Grass art. The most beautiful artwork me and my mom had ever seen. My mom even said to me when we walked over, "this is my favorite so far." This man and his wife incorporated sculpted ceramic art into the sweet grass art so it was incredibly unique. Me and my mom are suckers for some good art!!! We saw this piece that had deer antlers on it and went and looked at it because my dads birthday is coming up. We asked the man for the price and it was several hundred dollars. All of his pieces were several hundred, some even going into the thousands. In fact, he told us that a museum here in Columbia just recently bought a piece from them for 13,000 DOLLARS!!! 

Anyways, after that we knew we couldn't afford any of it so we went to look at some little woven crosses that were much cheaper. He heard that we were going to buy one and he said "no no, have it." And of course my mom said "no, no, we are going to pay you for it". He said no, I won't take your money. You (me) have one and so can your mom. 

Me and my mom were in awe of this man!! So we went around and gave him a hug and he just started talking and talking. Words can't express what happened. I know that God put the words in his mouth, to be said to me today. The man started talking about how people were going to try to steal my joy and that that is of the devil. And how my mom is the closest thing to touching God physically, and that she loves me but Jesus loves me more. Y'all, he got down on his knee to look me in the eye and give me his wisdom. He was blind and not able to walk, 4 years ago and now he's functioning perfectly. He is literally a living example of Jesus on earth. An angel. It was like he knew me and what I had been struggling with for the last year of my life. It was incredible. He told us that this artwork is not his, because his hands are The Lord's. My mom and I were tearful at this point with chills all over that are inexplainable. 

But wait....

All of his pieces have a story behind them and on the back of the art there's a title for the art. After he had given me such wisdom and encouragement, he got off of his knee and went over and grabbed the most beautiful piece of artwork. It has a sun on it with sweet grass woven around it; Titled;  Peaceful Place. 

He told us he wanted us (my mom and I) to share this together. We were speechless, and really crying at this point. 


Nothing material in this life matters. It's all temporary. Never have I ever met such a beautiful human being that is such an example of Jesus Himself. 


IN THIS LIFE YOU HAVE TO BE INTENTIONAL. The Holy Spirit is a family, I met a brother today. 


Next time you're at The City Market, give him a visit. 


"By His Design Legacies Tied By Nature"


Just had to share, I'll never forget today. 




- Lauren





Through The Storm

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