Happy New Years!!!

As a writer/lover of writing, naturally I tend to write everything down; grocery lists, feelings, triumphs and trials. So, I sat down and started writing about 2016 and what I've faced, what I've conquered, things I've experienced, and checked off my bucket list. Except this time, when I sat down to write I was at a loss for words. Maybe it was because so much has happened, I guess my soul just became so overwhelmed. With that being said, I started to make a list of things off the top of my head; trials, triumphs, experiences/encounters etc... Eventually I got to writing and my fingers just couldn't stop. (which is a feeling I'm used to) 

Even so, I thought I'd share, and reflect on how 2016 has treated me; the good, bad and the ugly...


To start, I've always thought it was cool to sum up a period of time with one word that has been consistent through out. For example, "faith" would describe 2015 for me. However, for 2016, mine would have to be; TRANSPARENCY

Shocker, huh? :) This word has been very prevalent throughout the past year for many reasons. If you've read my blog in the past, you know that I hold this word near to my heart. I find that acquiring the attribute of being transparent, can be one of the most crucial and powerful things in today's world.

I gave 2016 this title because being real, or transparent, has been a big part of how my perspective has affected this past year. Without transparency, I wouldn't have started this blog to share my story with y'all, and also wouldn't have been able to conquer all that 2016 had in store for me.


I'm curious, what's your word for the past year? Leave me a comment below and let me know!!

I believe that 2016 has been my most defining year yet. I know that all teenage years are crucial, but I believe that 2016 has shaped me in ways that are only of Jesus.

Here are some things that 2016 had in store for me;

~ With Jesus, my parents, and the aid of my doctors, I was able to stabilize my year long battle with clinical depression and anxiety. Praise JESUS!!!

~ I was able to become content with myself, in struggling with the feeling of loneliness because of a switch from full time public school, to being at home completely.

~ An opportunity to model and be apart of a local photography business came open, where I've met some people that have become near and dear to my heart.

~ I spent 2 weeks away in Pennsylvania at a music festival where I got to know Jesus and myself, a whole lot better.

~ I was able to visit Liberty University where I fell in love with all the school is doing for their students and the Kingdom of Christ.

~ Through God's grace alone, the relationship between me and a close family member was fully restored.

~ In struggling with my health and absences, I was able to maintain a 4.8 GPA in school.

~ I've successfully started a blog, which you're reading right now. :)

~ ^ In which because of this, in my TRANSPARENCY and sharing my story, I have been able to lead others towards salvation and recovery from as far away as Scotland!


I list all of these things humbly, and with the full knowledge that only because of my faith in Jesus, these things were deemed possible.


Jesus broke many strongholds this past year and I believe that when we come expecting, Jesus shows up in ways we have never experienced. I believe that 2017 will BREAK RECORDS and SURPASS all of our expectations if we hold fast to the truth of Jesus. I pray for those of you that are reading this that don't know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior will reach out to someone that does, so that you can find FULL FREEDOM and REDEMPTION to start off 2017.


I encourage you to sum up your past year in a word, and comment below!


Here's to 2017!!


In Christ,

Lauren M


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W/ All Your Heart...

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