Through The Storm

Through The Storm

It's been a while, my goodness!!!

A few minutes ago I was driving down I20 and it started pouring. POURING. I couldn't see the road, and it was raining so bad and so fast, the drains couldn't keep up with the water. It had been raining no longer than 3 minutes and the roads were already flooding. Then I drove a little longer and I could see where the sun was shining- BRIGHT. Instantly, it stopped raining. I mean as soon as the sun got so bright I had to put my visor down, the storm was over. I had made it out...


Now, recently, things have gotten weird. A good kind of weird, different is a better adjective. I broke off a 3 year long relationship, I've seemed to have gotten my mental health under control. Several things have just fallen into my lap it seems; I got the opportunity to start representing a photographer that loves Jesus with his whole heart, I've found a group a people (peers) whom I love with all of my heart (this past year my relationships have struggled), I was offered to start translating Spanish for a company this summer (Spanish is a passion of mine!). I also started to babysit to try to save up enough for a camera I've wanted for the longest time, ordered it, lost $500 (scam), then a family member just offered their camera to me, it's the little things! This past school year has been by far the hardest year, and today I finished the school year with all A's and a 91. One of my best friends had surgery and had to be tested for several different terrifying possible outcomes, I prayed specifically for him and just heard today, nothing malignant was found. My neighbor/adult best friend is a professional photographer and she shoots for basically the Woodstock of Christian music (Creation Festival), and invited me to go with her this summer!!!

Blessings on blessings. ---

Now, I AM NOT WRITING TO BOAST IN MYSELF. Guys, this is the work of JESUS, and Jesus ONLY.

Back to the car story, that experience was a complete physical representation of my past year and a half. It was sudden, unexpected, I had to slow down, I wasn't able to see it seemed, and slowly but surely Jesus started intervening so clearly. And then, after the worst of the worst, there was a rainbow so big you couldn't ignore it even if you tried.

Indeed, it was so dark and blinding for what seemed like years. Just like while driving in a storm, you have to be extremely cautious, slow down and pay attention extremely closely... This past year, I had to make a lot of hard, major decisions; let my wall down and face my struggles, struggle with why God put this on me, I had to decide to let my schoolwork and friendships struggle for a good amount of time so that I could take care of myself (which I'm not good at), I had to face the fact that closing the door of struggle, meant closing a long relationship that was doing nothing but preventing that "door" from shutting. Closing old doors, making hard decisions, meant opening new doors no matter how blind I felt.

Let me tell you, closing those doors brought extreme glory to Jesus.

Closing those doors brought me to the closest experience to meeting Jesus on His throne, that one could ever experience on this Earth. Here as in Heaven, words can't even describe.

After so many doctors appointments, so many sleepless nights, so many tears, mornings where it took everything the Lord could give me to get out of bed, many different medicines, relationships that struggled, persecution, and just detrimental darkness.

During the darkest times of your life, or so called "storms", never take your eyes off your Creator; no matter how cliché that sounds... It took over a year of my life to get through unexplained works of just the Devil. In God's word, it precisely says that at the sound of His name, the Devil runs and hides. This part of my testimony, the second best story Jesus has ever given me, shows the direct defeat of death Jesus died for on the cross 2,000 years ago. The crazy thing is that what I faced, was no where near what Jesus went through for US. Give your life to Him, live for Jesus. He went through DEATH for you. He is the greatest physician.

IT IS FINISHED. By the glory of God.


In Christ Alone,

Lauren McRoberts




Broken, Joyful, & Hopeful

Broken, Joyful, & Hopeful

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