What's the big deal about TRANSPARENT FAITH?

Hey loves!!

This post is just to introduce what I hope turns out to be a developed blog. :) eventually. I'm new to this but I've always loved to write.

Recently, life has thrown some pretty tough stuff to me, and I'll expand on those things in later posts. Also, I will write my testimony so you can find out a little of where I'm coming from.

To begin, all you need to know is that I LOVE Jesus. I live my life committed to Him and have since I was a young girl. (that's part of my testimony in which I will write later). Like I mentioned, life has handed me some difficult things to deal with recently and I know part of the reason He has handed me these things, is to further His kingdom and use them in my testimony. My youth pastor has always said this; God can turn a MESS into a MESSAGE. And that's exactly what I'm letting Him do. Right now, I'm not sure of the message yet, that's why I'm starting with this blog. I'm starting by sharing my stories and letting this blog, my writing, be used solely for Him. Which, in saying that, on this blog I am going to be completely transparent... You may have noticed, my blog's name is "Transparent Faith", this is because a lot of time, as Christians, or just normal people, we put on what I like to call, our "Sunday morning smiles" and pretend like everything is okay when in fact, we're struggling. This blog will focus on what it means to have transparent faith when life hands you opaque situations.

What exactly is transparent faith?

Well, transparent means clear. When we look through something transparent, we can see everything, NOTHING is hidden. Transparent is the opposite of opaque, opaque being completely impossible to see through. (looking through water, versus looking through a wall). When someone has transparent faith, they do not hide their faith, they do not hide their struggles nor do they hide their triumphs. Of course, Matthew 28:19 blatantly says that as Christians, our #1 job is to make disciples: SHARE THE GOOD NEWS OF JESUS. Personally, if someone came up to me and wanted to share their passion, and had previously portrayed a "fake" / "perfect" lifestyle, I wouldn't want anything to do with them because I know that my life is NO WHERE NEAR PERFECT.  I would feel out of place. As Christians, I believe the Jesus we believe in is someone to lean on. He is eternal while everything else is temporary. Jefferson Bethke (speaker) has said "the church (the body of Christ... US!!!), should be a hospital for the broken and not a museum for good people". As sinners, we experience heart ache that worldly things can't fix... If we weren't sinners in need of a Savior, is Jesus necessary? Transparent faith is letting others see Jesus through EVERYTHING you do... NOT JUST YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA, and using your trials AND triumphs for His glory. If your IG bio has a bible verse in it but at school, you've got a dirty mouth or bad relationship... Are you living transparently?!

 I'm gonna be honest, having transparent faith is HARD sometimes, it may seem impossible. But if I'm not mistaken, in His word in Matthew 19:26, it clearly states that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD.

Now, these personal struggles are still current and are still unfolding themselves to me, so posting a lot/fast is probably not gonna happen right away. In the next post, I will share my testimony & in the following posts I will share the struggles that God has given to eventually become part of my testimony. All the while, focusing on having TRANSPARENT FAITH when life seems completely OPAQUE.


In Christ,


(Originally written 12/10/2015)













































My Story

My Story