MMXVII - What's Your Word?

MMXVII - What's Your Word?

Hey lovely people! 

If you've been reading/following my blog for a while now you might see this as a relatively familiar post. :) I published a blog post titled "MMXVI" for the end of 2016 and thought well, since 2017 is coming to a close I might as well do it again. 

Traditions? Big fan. 

So, with that being said, when I published the blog post I mentioned, which can be found here... I simply stated some victories, triumphs, trials, and expectations I had with the year coming to a close, and reflected back a teeny bit. I also gave 2016 a word that I felt like summed up the year. It was TRANSPARENCY. 

2017's word: ABLE.

I'm curious, whats your word for 2017? Comment below!!

Y'all, in 2017, Jesus has strengthened, grown, and shown me immeasurably more than I could ever put into a simple blog post. In the blog post I wrote at the end of 2016, I expressed how expectant I was for 2017, and how much faith I had that it was going to be my best year yet. And once again, Jesus totally showed up, and showed off. 

In 2017;

- I published a blog post titled "13 Reasons Why NOT" that went viral, opening up so many different doors.

- I also started my senior year of high school and have done so much traveling while sharing my story of redemption with Jesus with several hundred teenagers. Said experience can be found here

- 2017 also held the starting and finishing of my first book which is in the process of being published, so keep on the lookout for that in 2018! How exciting! Eee! 

I say all of these things humbly, broken, and wholly surrendered, and completely in awe of our Heavenly Father. 2017 has been a year of doors, some closed, and some opened. And in the coming days I have some extremely exciting news to share with you regarding 2018!

To start off 2018, my prayer is that you start off this year free of chains, and in complete surrender to His will and what He has for your life. I promise you, and speak from experience in saying that when you do that, He is capable and ABLE to do IMMEASURABLY more than you could ever think of, ask, or imagine. 

Below I will link some highlights from 2017 and encourage you to comment down below some highlights of yours and your 'word' for this year!!

Happy new year!

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Don't forget to share your word with me!

In Christ,

Lauren Faith

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Eternity War

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