My 1st BOOK // COVER + Back Summary REVEAL

My 1st BOOK // COVER + Back Summary REVEAL

Update: Now available on Amazon! + Barnes & Noble HERE

If you have been keeping up with me for a while now, you may very well know that my very 1st book has been in the works for a little over a YEAR!!!

Today, I got the 1st 10 tangible copies in the mail and let me tell you… the number of emotions I experienced was crazy…

I was in SHOCK, DISBELIEF, EXCITED, HAPPY, and everything else you can imagine…

To spend so many months working on this, from writing it last Fall, to getting a publishing contract back in January, editing and revising for weeks, designing the cover multiple times, and finally getting to the PRINTING STAGE has been so taxing, yet finally, so rewarding.

I cannot wait for y’all to get my precious baby in your hands! Or on your screen, because it comes in eBook form too. :)

Without further a due… here it is.

My first ever published book:

“Living Out Transparent Faith”

// Words of Advice + Scriptural Direction on Living Boldly and Transparently For Jesus //

Foreword by Chelsea Crockett


With many laughs, long nights, deep thoughts, and tears, “Living Out Transparent Faith” became a reality for the at the time, 16 year old Lauren Faith.

Now, don’t let her age fool you, in this book she tackles issues of all ages. Between these covers you will find real, raw stories and advice on how to live out your faith transparently, for Jesus. From relationships, loneliness, finding joy, and her personal battle with depression and anxiety, nothing is held back in how to conquer these trials we face as Christ followers.

Lauren shares in her trials, in her triumphs, and her real struggles and not only gives personal advice, but shares straight from the Giver of Life Himself in scripture and what the Bible says about these issues we so fervently face in today’s modern society.

Her prayer for you as you read these words Jesus so faithfully has entrusted her heart with, is that you would open your mind and heart to receive whatever He has for you.

There ya have it, beautiful people!! The cover and back summary revealed!!

Soon available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Christian Faith Publishing, and iTunes!! And in store soon after…

I couldn’t have done it without y'all.

// If and when posting about it, please use the hashtag #LOTFBook //

As always & In Christ,

Lauren Faith



I've Been Keeping This From Y'all For MONTHS...

I've Been Keeping This From Y'all For MONTHS...