This is Why Gun Reform Isn't The Answer

This is Why Gun Reform Isn't The Answer

I know... heavy topic. Super controversial...

Somebody has to say it though.

My heart hurts so deeply by the victims of today's tragedy. Praying for the families, friends, and professional personnel is crucial in this time. 

Here are some stats: 

  • In one year on average in America, 13,000 gun homicides take place in which death occurs.
  • Of the total amount of 33,594 people who died in 2014 from gun violence, 21,386 were suicides while 11,008 were homicides.
  • In a survey in America over 35,000 people, the amount that describe themselves to be a follower of Jesus has declined nearly 8% in just seven years, with the "unaffiliated" category increasing astronomically. 
  • This coming year, ONLY 5% of Christians will share their faith with 1 PERSON. 

Lets look at it from this perspective... the statistics regarding gun violence show a SHARP DECLINE since the mid 1900s in America... 

While these numbers aren't okay, mass shootings, gun violence, these things will all keep happening. It honestly DEVASTATES me that the gruesome headlines have become a DAILY thing we see, violence has become the "norm". 

Unfortunately, evil will prevail if we, as Christians, don't step up because                                    GUN REFORM ISN'T THE ANSWER... THE GOSPEL IS.


Call me crazy, IGNORANT, OBLIVIOUS, whatever you want to... but like I always say, these aren't my words, the Bible says it clearly in Ephesians 6:11-16: we must put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD, BECAUSE OUR BATTLE IS NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD, BUT AGAINST THE ENEMY AND HIS EVIL.

Did you get that? 

No matter the amount of reforms put on firearms, evil is going to prevail as long as we, as a society, keep living in the sin that we're living in. If it's not guns, it'll be bombs, if not bombs, knives, so on and so forth...

We aren't in this fight against the world, our only battle is against the enemy and in winning people's eternities to Heaven.

And when the time comes, when we DO have to fight, like right now, the fight against violence and evil is waging, we must put on the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, feet with READINESS from the GOSPEL, and take cover with the shield of faith. 


Our answers, and breakthroughs will NEVER be found in COURT, rather we need to bring them to the CROSS.

We need to stand up, step out, and start sharing the Gospel, clothe ourselves with love and stand FIRM in our faith.

Gun reform is not the answer. We are missing the real problem here, Jesus is becoming less and less in our society and the brutal violence will not cease until He becomes greater and WE become less. 

I'm going to end with this question... why is the gospel more controlled and regulated than the evil things in this world? Why is Jesus hidden better than the evil we see day to day in our schools, workplaces, and every day life. 

I encourage you, put on the full armor of God daily, the only thing that is going to prevent the violence we see daily, is when we as Christ followers, step up and start loving and living like Christ did.

This is how we stop violence. 

Will you join me?

In Christ, 

Lauren Faith

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