17 Things I Learned While I Was 17

17 Things I Learned While I Was 17

 Today I turn 18, friends!!! In honor of that, I figured I’d share 17 things I learned during my 17th year on this beautiful earth!! 

  1. Buy the plane ticket!!!

  2. Take the road trip.

  3. Stopping from pursuing your personal passion/God-given calling for any other reason than Jesus Himself putting your pursuit to a halt, isn’t worth it.

  4. It’s okay to not have your next steps perfectly planned out.

  5. Your purpose isn’t something to be obsessed over or confused about, your purpose was predetermined before you were even created.

  6. It’s better to be in Gods will, and out of your comfort zone, than out of God’s will and in your comfort zone.

  7. Don’t settle for anything less than pursuit.

  8. Take time to be still.

  9. Take time to be active.

  10. Don’t try to fill others cups if you’re not outpouring from an overflow yourself.

  11. If God placed a huge dream in you, then He’s willing and able to mobilize it to come to fruition, if you’ll submit to His will and chase after it with all you’ve got.

  12. Writing is one of my biggest gifts, and I want to use it to continue to further the Kingdom.

  13. Prayer is vital. Take time for personal conversation with God, AND corporate prayer.

  14. My generation is so ready for the Gospel. The Great Commission isn’t to be taken lightly.

  15. Words hurt, but only His words are always true and holy.

  16. Community is KEY, surround yourself with Kingdom minded peers.

  17. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few, and I’m gonna plant seeds and water what I can because if not me, who???

Here’s to year 18!!! Let’s do this.

The best is yet to come.

In Christ,

Lauren Faith

"In Love With Love ft. A Letter To My Girls" // Excerpt from #LOTFBOOK

"In Love With Love ft. A Letter To My Girls" // Excerpt from #LOTFBOOK